quinta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2018


                                                  fonte: arquivo pessoal

"I've been so many places in my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs, I've made some bad rhyme
I've acted out my life in stages
With ten thousand people watching
But we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you

I know your image of me is what I hope to be
I've treated you unkindly but can't you see
There's no one more important to me
So darlin', won't you please see through me?
Cause we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you..."
(A song for you)

"He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet with his same old safe bet
Me and my head high
And my tears dry, get on without my guy
You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked, I'll go back to black....."
(Back to Black)

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